We were born in 1994. Our team has extensive experience in the commercialization, installation and maintenance of pumping equipment for water supply, fire fighting, rainwater, domestic waste and effluents, water treatment, groundwater collection and systems use of rain water.

We offer a personalized response, adapted to each situation, working in the most diverse sectors of the market. We are distinguished by the monitoring that we give to each project and all the phases that comprise it. We design solutions tailored to your needs, always with your comfort and safety in mind, operating costs and the environment.

We believe in the training and professional development of our employees in order to follow the latest developments, techniques, materials and solutions in our area of ​​intervention. Therefore, we have highly qualified teams ready to solve all situations.

For us, the planet and its resources are a precious asset. We always work with ecological concerns in mind, helping to value and protect the environment.

We work in the present to look to the future, and since 2006, together with our partners, we have designed and conceived the RWC - Rain Water Control, a controller that manages the entire cycle of rainwater use, for non-drinking purposes.

Because we want to offer our customers a quality service, in 2008, LN Águas was certified by ISO 9001.

We are not unconnected to saving energy and water, so we are involved in energy and water efficiency projects, in various types of applications, namely in the agricultural, industrial and commercial areas. Since 2015 in partnership with Grundfos Portugal and other partners, we have participated in the Energy Check project, an innovative future-oriented project and energy savings.

With the globalization of the market, there was a need to be present in some countries, such as: Guinea, Cape Verde, Angola and Mozambique, participating in pumping projects to meet the current needs in the various market segments, from collection, transportation, treatment and water distribution.

The knowledge and experience we have acquired over all these years, as well as the relationship we have with our business partners, allows us to be at the forefront of the solutions that the market in which we operate requires us.